Our Team

Touching, Changing and Empowering Rural Lives - to achieve this vision, Poornakumbha brings together a team with diverse backgrounds and experience, united by the desire to make a difference.

The Poorna Mathak Sanyojak and Poorna Samaj Sanyojak is at the heart of Poornakumbha's model. Poorna Sanyojak's are young, talented and home grown individuals, with a strong commitment to be the driving force behind transforming the communities within which they live and grow.

Poorna Sanyojaks are a focal point of coordination, execution, monitoring and control for all Poornakumbha initiatives including biomass collection, plantation, agricultural interventions and social development.

They serve as a powerful integrating force that interprets the silent voices of communities within which Poornakumbha operates, and aligns the organization's development agenda, with their needs, thereby building enduring and mutually trusting relationships.

Supporting the Poorna Sanyojaks in their effort is another layer which comprises of Poorna Parivartaks - the change agents – who are independent micro-entrepreneur partners from within the rural communities where Poornakumbha operates. The Poorna Parivartak represents the Poornakumbha model's potential to bring about sustainable and long term transformation by invoking the spirit of self reliance and entrepreneurship.

Guiding Poornakumbha on its path to progress is a multi-disciplinary team of management practitioners, thinkers, and mentors who ensure that the organization is fully aligned to , and integrates its vision of sustainable and inclusive growth at grassroots level , into all its activities.
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