Focus Areas

Agricultural Interventions
In India, agriculture and allied sectors accounted for 16.6% of the GDP in 2009, roping in about 50% of the total workforce and contributing about 10% in export earnings. India's arable land area of 159.7 million hectares (394.6 million acres) is the second largest in the world, after the USA. Similarly, in Ghana, currently agriculture's contribution to the GDP is 37.3%. Considering the impact that agricultural performance has on the rural community as well as the nation as a whole, Poornakumbha seeks to implement strategies for enhancing income of farmers through value addition, diversification and market driven farming models.
These initiatives emphasize on improving efficiency and concepts such as value out of waste.

Platforms for improving efficiencies and productivity …
Upgradation of existing systems and processes that optimize land utilization
• Intercropping for optimum land utilization
Benchmarking against global best practices
• Value added organic products for improved soil and plant health
Advanced R&D and technology interventions
• Microbiology and tissue culture
Providing education and training to farmers
Krishisabhas (Growers Meets)
One of the key activities in Poornakumbha is a calendar of Growers Meets dedicated to understanding agriculture and cultivation related issues faced by growers, providing them with expert knowledge and assistance to support resolution of issues, improvement in productivity and yields, implementation of best practices, understanding of and access to technological interventions, and so on. Poornakumbha team members work very closely with growers to ensure exponential scale up of farming practices in their respective regions.

Joint training programs with Agricultural Universities
In India, Poornakumbha has tied up with Anand Agricultural University, a premier agricultural education institution, for conducting training programs to educate farmers on an array of subjects ranging from organic farming, organic nutrition management and soil enhancement, soil health testing, soil fertility improvement, inter cropping, to name a few. 2 training programs have been conducted till date, covering 100 farmers in each batch of workshop-cum-conference, and 5 such programs have been scheduled for 2012.
Enhancing market linkages and access to micro finance
Livelihood Enhancement through farming and non-farming activities
Promoting farmgate ventures
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