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The genesis of Poornakumbha lies in the idea of going beyond business and touching millions of lives at grassroots level, by educating and involving village communities to participate in activities and programs that address their long-term interests and anchor improvements in their lives.

The organization is a not-for-profit supported by Abellon CleanEnergy, an integrated global sustainable energy solutions provider focusing on bioenergy including solid and liquid biofuels, biopower, waste management and other forms of clean energy generation.

“Poornakumbha” literally means “A Complete Pot”. The pot is depicted as empty, and ready to receive all that the community has to give, only to give back to the community after having enriched and enhanced its riches multifold. Poornakumbha's operational model follows the hub and spoke system typical of the potter’s wheel.

Poornakumbha follows the principle of “Value-out-of-Waste” to attain sustainable livelihood creation, inclusive growth and self reliance. The driving philosophy of Poornakumbha is creating value from various types of unutilized and marginal resources available naturally, and sharing the dividends amongst the community stakeholders, i.e. farmers, villagers, panchayats (village governance body) as well as other members of the communities within which it operates.

Taking a cue from the Millennium Development Goals, Poornakumbha endeavours to partner with rural communities in their efforts to achieve growth and progress, leading to the creation of a more sustainable and equitable society.

Poornakumbha operations are primarily focused in India and Africa. In India, the organization has established a strong presence and network in the state of Gujarat, while in Africa, it has initiated activities in Ghana.
To promote sustainable human development and contribute to Nation building through community and rural development, while focusing on the theme of “Value Out Of Waste.”
Supported by Abellon CleanEnergy
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